Sherry Thompson

Sherry has been practicing yoga since 1990 and received her first teacher’s certification under the tutelage of Rajana Pallana in 1998, one of the first teachers of yoga in the Dallas area. She furthered her teacher training through the Yoga Institute of Houston with Lex Gilliam. As she continued her training it seemed natural to move to a more therapeutic style and she began teaching at the Colleyville Family Medicine clinic and went on to receive her Yoga Therapy certification from Integrative Yoga Therapy. She has followed that training by moving her practice to Destination Health in Southlake, Texas and continues her training with some of the best teachers in the country including, but not limited to, Paula Weithman, a certified Iyengar teacher with whom she’s studied for more than ten years.  Other teachers  have included, in the Iyengar tradition: Kofi Bushia, Joan White, Ramanand Patel, Dean Lerner, Mary Obendorfer and Eddy Marks, Rita Manos, Stephanie Quark (specifically teacher training), Gabrielle Grubillano and Roger Cole (primarily for the anatomy of the poses).  She has also taken workshops with Gary Kraftsow, Angela Farmer, Shiva Rea, Tias Little, Doug Keller and Erich Schiffman. However, her personal practice has always been her primary teacher and continues to be so. In March 2018, she moved her practice to Colleyville.  She continues to work closely with the doctors of Destination Health.

Sherry's also a student of Vedanta and Ayurveda and she encompasses those philosophies into her personal life.  She bring practical applications of the principles of these philosophies to the classroom each time she teaches.

In 2001 she went through the Mindset for Success program with Jayne Gardner, Ph.D.  This experience helped her make the transition from high level corporate job to fulfilling her dream of sharing Yoga with others and being a partner in dis-ease elimination  and increasing well being and functionality..  In 2010 she received her Core Coaching Certification and in 2011 she received her Mindset for Success Coaching Certification.  She continues to use the knowledge she gained to further her growth and to assist others on their journey to their True Self. 

She welcomes all into her practice who are interested in embarking on a self-enriching, self-healing journey. Maybe that someone is You!