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“I have taken yoga from Sherry since at least 2003 first in the home of a friend, then at my office. Sherry came and taught yoga at Colleyville Family Medicine when I was there, and now teaches in our yoga studio at Destination Health. She is the most knowledgeable yoga teacher I’ve ever seen. Sherry especially caters to individuals over 40. She is careful to watch each of her students and helps them make adjustments as needed so they won't get hurt and they will get the most out of their practice. Yoga is one of the healthiest practices anyone could do and Sherry is the master teacher!"  ~ Dr. Robin Hall, Destination Health

InnerWisdom Yoga with Sherry Thompson has been a wonderful personal experience.  Sherry’s knowledge of Yoga, the human body and her teaching style is exceptional.  Classes are small which allows her to know your needs and provides personal insight and attention.  In addition, Sherry teaches and reinforces the importance of being good to yourself.  Yoga is an overall well-being experience.  Sherry is one of the best to help you with this journey.”  ~  Glenda Nixon, Hospital Volunteer

“I’m 64 years old and I have run over 10 marathons and 20 half marathons in the past 7 years.  I don’t believe I would be running today if it weren’t for my yoga sessions with Sherry.  Yoga is wonderful and Sherry makes it even better.”  ~ Yep, I’m still running.

“I have studied yoga with Sherry Thompson for over 7 years.  During that time my flexibility and strength have improved, I have experienced more calm in my life, and I have gained grace – both in my body and in my outlook toward myself and other people. Through her yoga classes, Sherry imparts her knowledge and understanding of the body – the muscles, skeleton, and organs – and how each system works with the body as a whole.  Sherry also teaches about the connection between our mind and body – how we think affects our body, and how we treat our body affects our emotional health. Sherry’s smaller class size allows her to attune to each student, assisting in their needs, whether chronic conditions or an area of temporary stiffness or pain. Yoga with Sherry Thompson at InnerWisdom Yoga is the most rewarding gift I have ever given myself.”  ~ Maria Thieme, Occupational Therapist Assistant

“I’ve learned so much from Sherry about yoga over the years.  She is an excellent teacher with a wonderful spirit and passion to share yoga with others.”  ~ Lee Martin, Entrepreneur 

"I can highly recommend Sherry.  She is without a doubt the best yoga instructor I've had and her knowledge and experience are unsurpassed!"  ~ Vicki Schmulen, Grandmother

“Sherry cares deeply about the benefits of Yoga for all interested in developing a practice.  She focuses as much on the benefit of the various asanas as on the form itself.  Her classes are about the students connecting with themselves and learning self-acceptance as well as teaching the poses.  I highly recommend Sherry as a teacher of Yoga and a guide to self-discovery.” ~ Amy Zeder, Retired

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